Pedestrian Hit by Car Settlement

If you are a pedestrian or a cyclist, you can recover for your injuries when hit by a car.

In Colorado, cars have a duty to keep a proper lookout for pedestrians and cyclists.

If a driver fails to keep a proper lookout and drives negligently, then they can be held liable for resulting injuries and damages. For example, let’s say you are crossing a street in a designated crosswalk and a car slams into you while failing to yield the right of way.

That driver will be responsible for your injuries and damages. Again, each driver has a duty to keep a proper lookout and has a duty to yield the right of way to pedestrians and cyclists.

Pedestrian Accidents in Colorado

In Colorado, there are many cases where cars run over pedestrians and cyclists. Colorado is a rapidly growing state and with the increasing population come increased risks of pedestrian accidents.

As a pedestrian or cyclist, it is very important to be careful and always obey traffic signals and only cross streets where it is designated to do so. A pedestrian or cyclist can be held to be comparatively negligent if he or she crosses in an area where it is not safe to do so or where it is prohibited to cross.

For example, you cannot walk across a street when the light is green on the opposite side but must wait until the light changes to red and it is safe to cross. The same traffic laws apply to cyclists so when cyclists see a stop sign, they must stop and wait their turn to proceed just like every other vehicle on the road.

In Colorado, a pedestrian no longer has to prove a permanent injury or some type of dollar amount in medical bills in order to proceed with a case against the at-fault driver. Colorado used to be a no-fault state but Colorado changed to an at-fault state in 2003. Therefore, a pedestrian can make a claim or file a lawsuit immediately after being struck by a negligent motorist.

It is highly recommended that an injured pedestrian contact an experienced Fort Collins personal injury attorney who has settled many pedestrian cases.

Looking for an attorney to handle your pedestrian accident case?

The right pedestrian accident attorney can help you with the following:

  • Property damage
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • And pain and suffering

Doug Allen has more than 22 years of experience handling personal injury claims in Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, and surrounding areas in Northern Colorado.

If you’re a pedestrian hit by a car how do you handle the settlement?

It’s best to not try to handle the settlement process on your own. Attorney Doug Allen can convincingly present your case to the insurance carrier to get a settlement. Insurance carriers often take advantage of individuals without proper legal representation because the adjusters have broad experience in settling cases for small amounts.

In fact, once a letter of representation is submitted to the insurance carrier, the case is transferred to an adjuster experienced in dealing with attorneys. This is the primary reason why you should not try and do it alone. Talk to a pedestrian accident attorney!

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident call Attorney Doug Allen. With years of experience in representing insurance companies, Attorney Allen knows exactly how to negotiate for the highest payout on your insurance claim.

Contact Allen Accident Law and schedule your free consultation today! The consultation can be scheduled at your home, office, hospital room, or anywhere that is most convenient for you.

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